Happy VALIANTine's Day: The Love Collection

by DeFakto

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This is a concept project tied to a Valentine's Day and love theme. Preceded by 5 promo videos with complete strangers speaking about the holiday, The Love Collection taps into the many perspectives and parts of the day that make Valentine's Day a noteworthy holiday, for better or...not so.


released February 12, 2013



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Track Name: Intro / A Lotta Love
Greetings, ladies and gents, may we commence /
With the purest of cure alls, ‘cause lately events /
Have been so discouraging,
But it’s probably ‘cause love wasnt immense and thus we miss flourishing; /
It’s back now,
Just as sure as I’m a strong black man that was born here a black child /
We’ve seen hatred we should know how to act now, /
Or maybe that was pointless like a Shaq foul /
Throws aint free it all comes at a cost /
But that money, that car, those clothes aint me, nah/
I’m bred to love, my heart’s my guide, yeah /
My mind is sharp apart from pride, yeah /
I’m lit from within with support from above /
Contagious enough that it could rub off me /
Ironically, you wont have the energy to evolve… /
To solve that problem get your love off “E”

Everything’s better with a little love in it /
Everything’s better with a little love in it /
Everything’s better with a little love in it /
Everything’s better with a little love in it /
But I got (what?), a whole lot (hey!)
And I should (what?), why not? (hey!)
‘Cause I love me (me), and I love you (I love you),
And everybody else they get love too! (woooo!)

“Virginia is for Lovers” is the slogan for the state where I was born and raised /
On those mornin’ days right after my mornin’ raise /
I give my Lord His praise, get into my mornin’ ways /
My hearbeat’s an instrumental and the more it plays /
My vital’s peak set to reach my pinnacle, /
Born a champion so I don’t have to title seek /
Embrace accountability, I owe it to myself, /
I exude love even show it to myself /
Poet but in the speakin’ form, doin’ decent keepin’ warm /
Blood of a King, never jumpin’ off the deep end, torm-
Ment, for portions of the time that I spent here /
But I opened up my heart and turned the trouble to a stint cleared /
You cant immobilize me, there’s not a splint here /
You’d have to terminate me or reinvent fear /
Inspired by so many people that I went near /
To spread love is the reason I was sent here
Track Name: Persuade You w/ Nerd Ferguson
(Look,) I know dudes dehydrated all up in your Twitter DMs /
And Facebook inbox, but you aint trying to see them /
‘Cause none of them can see me, & I cant really see them /
I’m blinded by the sun shinin’ all up in my B.M. /
W, I’d like you in the passenger seat, /
But not to trouble you, I’d hate to see you last in defeat /
Why struggle through a loser when a winner’s sent to court ya /
My pleasure, your gain, their pain, your torture /
Plus I’m more your lane, got stock car stakes /
Got 4 wheel drive, got anti-lock brakes /
So I always got a grip and I know when to slow up /
And rain, sleet or snow, it’s a go, I’ma show up /
So if your trying to put this style of mine in motion /
I can take you out for drinks a sip of Valentine potion, /
Treat you like an angel, empowered divine notion,
With flowers the same color as Calamine lotion

Just wanna make you mine girl /
Give anything to have you here in my world /
And I can persuade you, I can persuade you /
To come and be my girl for the day /
Just wanna make you happy /
Give anything to have you here beside me /
And I can persuade you, I can persuade you /
To come and be my girl for the day

Ya friends a say youre better meant to spend the day with them, /
But they be all lonely and they’d be all on me /
If they ever saw homie, heard it straight from the beak /
That they’re birds of a feather, gon’ and break from the weak, yeah /
Wanna get your wings clipped? /
Share a winter date with me and we can plan a spring trip, and witness everything flip /
I’ve demonstrated patience rather now than when we’re aging /
I’m just here to make you greater it’s the power of persuasion!

Ya pretty brown eyes, the way your hair flows /
Love everything from your head to your toes /
Love it when youre here, hate to see you go /
So just stay…
These other fellas cant, give you what you need /
So come here by my side, promise that I’ll never leave /
Us against the world, we’ll be happy as can be /
So just stay…

Verse 3 (voice recorder D9)
<I’m givin’ you a little prose before the rose or ya /
Hit the road like a Sequoia, there’s not a toy-ota (owed her) /
I only owe her pros I suppose like the opposite of con /
‘Trary, come on, I’m the type they wan’ marry /
It’s true, clean off the residue, or let the resin through /
We can work, I started with the ‘why’ (“y”) as in you /
How doesn’t matter if now doesn’t happen /
And you’d probably never know if I wasn’t rappin’, /
Relationships require a lot a dirty work /
I’m open to an odd job, that’s fine; /
You want a man to bring the best out of you /
Maybe that’s God’s job, not mine /
I was sent here to steer you, motivate and cheer you /
Lift you off the ground when you’re down, be the one you’re dear to /
Life’s already built with the bad into it /
So the last thing you need is a bad influence, ya know!
Track Name: Push Pull f/ Nerd Ferguson and Illa
Never panic during storms, let it do what it does and then think /
Timberlake did better when he wasn’t “in sync” /
Surroundings change but a man just stays /
You can rely on Mother Nature all you want even a mantis prays /
Speaking of praise, might I praise you, /
You maintain a standard and let it raise too /
But raise them ‘cause if you let ‘um raise you /
We’ll be the ones that never made it to phase two; /
They only care about results in the big league /
Give an “A” for “effort” and you get a red squiggly /
If you set yourself so high above the world then /
How will you explain to your girlfriends you dig me? /
Of course I’m flawed and I might admit, /
I have a dark side and I don’t want to make light of it /
Just open up your mind for a bit /
And forget what you expect so I can please you in spite of it

I shine and show no low light AND
You wrong if it don’t go right AND
So what that it won’t your night,
I can prolly make your day
Expectations (u don’t know, girl)
Expectations (let it go, girl)
Expectations [repeat]

You got expec-ta-tions? (word) /
While I expect pa-tience (ya heard) /
They over promise and un – der deliv – er /
So a novice they’ve gained none to give her /
You don’t want it all, you just need a change /
I don’t have a target, I just need a range /
It’s kind of dope, your desire with a side of hope /
If we crosshairs, we’d “collide-a-scope”(kaleidoscope) /
Strawberry grape whip cream your favorite way /
In a crepe with a glass of OJ to start the day /
Rose petals to the kitchen, follow them and sit in /
Dine then find your new dress you can fit in /
When you head to work there’s a note on your dashboard /
Quote from our past that’ll make you wanna fast forward /
To the night time, or when you take your lunch break but I’m /
Having roses sent precisely at the right time /
Track Name: Back Scratch w/ Nherie Tellado
Might of been a year ago today or so, I took a different path since /
Now it’s past tense but back then she was the way to go /
Precious by nature, rocks in a rare river is what I’d compare with her /
And I was there with her, /
To see her reflection, glare of perfection /
Going with the current, she always had direction /
There for protection I stood but never needed to /
Visualize the future ‘cause sadly I’ve never seen it through, /
Not exactly found of a bou-quet /
She just wanted quality time, I let my boo stay /
With me for the holiday, dawn to night fall /
Spawn to night crawl, -er, I might call, her /
But I don’t have her number, hmph, way to plan /
If I could send a text that didn’t take from my data plan, /
It’d say “Hey, how are you? It’s DeFakto /
I miss you right now and I know we cant go back so, wussup?”

Reality has hit me. I'm not with you, you're not with me.
Memories are faded yet so strong
Wondering where we went wrong
If I could go back I'd say “please dont go”
Will I heal... I dont know
They say that this here too shall pass
(I) dont know much, all I know is I miss you.....I do

Realization in retrospect is an old thing /
I say you’ll never know what you ‘have’(half) without the whole thing /
Still got the bracelet that I gave her and an old ring, /
Still a hot topic though a cold fling /
I said “still” twice but we made moves /
Together, it makes nostalgia feel nice, /
Controlled by the fears and inhibitions to be with you /
So if I’m afraid to keep you then someone’ll come and get you (voila!)

Funny how time flies when you're having fun...
I never knew that kiss...would be the last one...

Gotta live, then you try to love and you learn /
Lookin’ in the rear view, clear view, u-turn? /
Nahhh, cant do it, thought to hit my signal but I’d rather use my thinker than my blinker, /
Wells for many wishes, could try and link her /
Fell for plenty fishes, hook line sinker /
I thought you kept it funky, such a little stinker /
My heart rings bells, you took mine tinker
Track Name: Green
Seemingly overlooked to witness those embellish /
Upon the holiday and she’d respond by being jealous /
It’s not about the pampering is what the purists tell us /
But, she sees her counterparts get treated by their fellas, /
She’s probably sick of seeing women who be chick-a-deeing, /
It’s no illusion the exclusion’s what she’s sick of being, /
She tries not to take offense but she gets sick of D’ing /
Like “that’s not the role that my younger visions depicted me in /
When I was coming up I felt I shouldn’t be hot /
But I shouldve, then I wouldve got the same things that she got” /
A large part compassionate but most of all loyal /
A shame I’m so estranged and most of yall spoiled, /
That’s her train of thought and she’s all aboard it, /
Seems miniscule to you but it’s all important, /
When you love and you live it reciprocity’s imperative,
Everybody wants to receive nobody’s there to give /

Such a work of art /
Inside, she’s afraid to die with a purple heart /
But she got pride, so she cried, the tears dried /
Now it seems it’s empty, /
Should be red with love but its green with envy

Love is desired, we’re bred to be /
Even with deterrents on the path where we’re led to be /
Those fairy tale books make a mean first impression /
Cant reverse the lesson how the fairy tale looks, turn the page, /
I’m sure it’s coming next ‘cause I deserve it /
Learn with age it’s usually worse before the story boards deserted /
Day starts slow, plus she woke up early /
In child-like spirits, make a woman turn girly /
She received a text, “it’s your girlfriend now check this /
My man’s so good to me while I’m in bed he made me breakfast” /
Too worried to get-her sights off Facebook and Twitter sites /
Can’t even concentrate on the stuff she gotta get done /
Life’s a box a chocolates, so I guess she better get one /
Balloons in the cubicle beside her, she aint get none /
Or any rather, I guess the only thing we gather /
Is she doesn’t feel the love and tries the figure what’s the matter, green

I understand desires but don’t let those gifts define you /
Every present will become part of the past behind you /
You cant change the winds, adjust the sails that align you /
Try not to mold your heart around the way that others mind you /
Just keep in mind the love you do get, don’t let it blind you /
Be patient, give it time the most thoughtful and kind will find you /
Some fertilizer’s cool with some water in between /
But yall don’t need to plant the seeds your grass is already green
Track Name: Frozen Batteries f/ Jody 804
Look at these so called lovable, people /
Caught up in commercialized evil, know yall gullible /
Man declared Cupid, rooted in a theory love travels through his arrows /
What are yall stupid?; /
If it’s true prove it, they pierced through who’s clothes? /
We don’t even use bows, we don’t even use those; /
I cant win, we don’t even lose foes /
Try to kick it with potential I just leave with bruised toes, /
I’m trying to tell you guys this holiday is so fake /
Kindergarteners can turn a piece of paper to a snowflake, /
But it wasn’t cold when they tried and felt it, /
And the sun was none when it tried to melt it /
See I wanna love but get the cold shoulder and cant shine /
So I refuse to change my mind ‘bout Valentines I cant help it /
Don’t care about what flattery’s said /
They told me love was free, you cant charge me, my battery’s dead

A rich spirit fighting a poor soul, /
I don’t think sleighs fly in from the North Pole /
Never seen a rabbit hiding colorful eggs /
No luck in leprechauns and the faith that it begs, /
And Cupid never had the heart to shoot (I’m dead though) /
Cupid never had the heart to shoot /
Here’s another point of view and trust me I live it thru /
I have so much love to give but no one to give it to, except you

Wish away lies for raw truth, /
No tooth fairy pays out for a raw tooth /
Nothing paranormal no ghosts are seen /
My heart feels hallow but Halloween? Please. /
And Cupid never had the heart to shoot (I’m dead though) /
Cupid never had the heart to shoot /
Here’s another point of view and trust me I live it thru /
I have so much love to give but no one to give it to, except you

I’m a non-believer of mythological teasers /
Distorted reported fiction as facts that were sent to please us, /
Money is spent to part us on products we get to ease us /
Or maybe I’m really jealous and only tell it to Jesus, /
If fairies’ll cash a tooth out, and storks deliver children, /
And super heroes save us from flying a top a building, /
I want a fantasy to manifest in my favor /
I wanna drink the kool-aid, it’s sweet but not my flavor no /
Save a soul, that’s the way to go I surely need that /
Left in places previous partners had found their greed at /
Everything I ever wanted for grows haunted more /
Esteem on the floor for people who just wanna score /
Looking for true love subjects, cant flaunt allure /
Doubt’s at the forefront for sure, /
Smile on my sleeve for the holiday’s sake /
While I suffer inside ‘cause this holiday’s fake

Here’s another point of view, and trust me I live it thru /
I have so much love to give but no one to give it to /
See family’s different and they already have a life, /
My mother has a husband and my father has a wife /
Sister’s married with a kid, my brother has a little girl /
There’s not a soul who’d consider me the center of their world /
That’s a void I could die with given all I said is true /
So it’s never share this love or let me give it to you
Track Name: Do You
Relax!, I want you /
I want you like cats wanna do their verses over after hearing 3 Stacks /
‘cause he blacks out /
I had a girl I liked before ya, but she acts out and that’s when he back’s out /
And he is me and I am here, I don’t mean next, /
You don’t need a Kleenex when you cry a tear /
You’ll probably think that I am Superman when I appear /
But I’m a peer like your equal not a water tier /
I tend to weaken when I see you in your modern gear /
Spend the weekend with me you can be a model here /
A role model or the fashion kind, yep /
The whole throttle keepin class in mind; /
I’ll be your model student if you grade me on your curves /
I know you get approached a lot but they be on your nerves /
I think in 3rd person that is not what she deserves /
I’m having you for dessert, I call the foreplay hors d’oeuvres

I do what I wanna do [repeat]
And all I really want is you

I’m a master of communication controlled speak /
I could talk the remote out the hands of a control freak, /
Spent days thinking ‘bout having you for a whole week /
I was taught a plan’s a sure-fire method to goal seek, (that’s what they tell me) /
Don’t confuse desire for lust /
And don’t misconstrue a liar for trust, /
But sometimes it gets hot and that fire is us /
Make ya scream like nightmares or when inspired to fuss /
But I aint arguing with you, I’m trying to bargain with you /
Already got your number, I was never a stat dude /
Got kitty coupons, baby, gimme your cat food /
If dis-count (this count), play it just to put you in that mood, /
I’ll turn your outfit into a laundry pile /
Later on you’ll be staring at the ceiling wondering how, /
And I’m clear in my intent, /
Make the time for me ‘cause those are moments well-spent /

Show me what youre made of /
What are you afraid of /
I guess you never made love /
Got close but you played love /
I hear ya body so I know it’s callin’ /
Wont be long before your clothes are fallin’ /
We don’t have to rush to make history /
See, I’m not your average joe stalling (Joe Stalin) /
Most chicks fall for the jerks /
But I know youre all for the perks /
We’ll turn your mattress to a swimming pool /
Get it wet to make sure your water works, /
How many rounds? One or two /
Let’s take a shot at it, let a gunner through /
It’ll be fun, but no one could make of you /
We’re just doing what we wanna do
Track Name: Above Air w/ Nherie Tellado f/ Lawrence Stephens
Welcome to cloud 9, location above air /
We’ll make it your new home, I call it my love lair /
It only sleeps two, we’re already a love pair /
It’s gotta go down to get a glimpse at a dove there, /
You can spread your legs out like wings on bald eagles /
To get your walls warm and wet, it’s called kegels /
You cant tape without consent, it’s all legal /
I’ll get tix if we wanna see flix, it’s called Regal; /
See, there’s so much more value in rarity /
I’m captivated by the look when you stare at me /
I’m not just there to skeet, you’re not a bird, but apparently /
My cock’ll do the do like a parakeet /
Sike, I just said that to make you laugh /
Now get naked, I’ll be waiting while you take that bath /
I take the long way when I go downtown /
These other brothers probably afraid to take that path

Intertwined, in the mind, then a force /
Hit’s your spine, we’re in line for intercourse; /
Your ex wasn’t ex-perimental /
I wont neglect your other parts that other men tend too; /
At least I don’t intend to /
We’ll take our time even though I really wanna bend you, /
Once we get in the mix, I’ma blend you /
‘cause juicing’s a trend, then your food on the menu /
You’ll be out lyin’ like a stencil /
But nah, I don’t draw with a pencil /
Bra, you can take that off too /
Leave your panties on, I’ll take that off you /
A kiss here, a bite there, a rare pinch /
A hard smack, a pair of lips to cover every square inch; /
Don’t be scared, don’t you dare flinch /
Put your fingernails in my back and clinch, above air /

We tune out the world locked in on each other synchronized from the crotch to the soul /
And I’m squeezing your hips then you scream from the lips eyes flicker then you lost your control /
All the time that we waited all surroundings negated we’re engaged from the from the soul to the crotch /
If there’s one we can be it, feel it more than we can see it, sick of seconds tickin’? not on my watch, (watch)
Track Name: Gratitude w/ Nherie Tellado
Verse 1
Ok first off right, I was blind to the fact of what a mind could attract, /
No worse off sight /
Perhaps cursed off plight, got my verse off slight, then the two of us would burst off flight, /
Being one of a kind doesn’t make you odd, /
Your values much more than a “Thank you” card, but gon’ read it /
You validate your own worth, you’re gon’ need it /
On the pathway to halfway I’m gon’ meet it /
Go against the grain, don’t go with the scene /
Had to change up the mode just to know what you mean, /
You talk dirty to me when I go at you clean /
Love isn’t perfect but I hope you know it’s serene; /
You’ve been spoken of /
As the subject of appreciation, that this song is a token of /
Pretty rose petals might go with the showers /
So I got a box of chocolates to go with the flowers, enjoy!

Even when things going wrong
Your love, oh it keeps me strong
When nothings going my way
You always find a way to brighten my day
And when I feel I cant take it
You and me I know we gon' make it
‘cause your love is my love and my love is your love

Thank you (Thank you)
For giving me a reason to love
reason to trust,
Thank you (Thank you)
For being who you are,
And all I wanna do is show that I appreciate you

Verse 2 (voice recorder D6)
I’m nay fool and I play cool, but, /
My plate full and I’m grateful, what! /
Thanks brings good fortune, /
I am overdue for a portion, credit to you, /
So in a sense, gratitude’s a resource /
But disingenuous when we force the recourse /
Lots of people talk but they never act on it /
I am in fact on it so never trust a weak source, /
Something so pure lead you in /
A heart of gold you cant melt down or spread too thin, /
So when you pencil MY name in your planner /
I’m pleased that I’m welcome, I got good manners, so /
Why complain of rain when the sun still shinin’ /
Every cloud we face has a second place linin’ /
I don’t wear silver but lately I’m findin’ /
Gratitude’s the best state to keep my mind in
Track Name: Goodnight w/ D-Vine
What a day it’s been for her; gambit of emotions, all-inclusive /
Some abusive self-inflicted all intrusive, /
She let it build within, but never poured it, /
Out, her love’s the guild of men, so he cured it /
Had the whole bit planned, from every rose petal, /
To all the candle scents when things commence to settle /
Got parallel with her that’s how you get on her level /
She swore she was in heaven like “you naughty little devil” /
She was half ‘noid that her day would end in ruin /
But she has a co-pilot where other women have a void /
And he knew what he was doin’, he always aims to please /
She’s proof of being human or she always stays at ease /
In the best of moments she just prays the time would freeze /
That’d be hot, so we never reach that 32 degrees /
She sleeps in peace and love when it’s time to catch her Zzzzzz’s /
‘cause he’d give her everything and there’s NOTHING he wouldn’t seize /

I wish that there could be more than 100 hours in a day /
Then we wouldn’t have to see the end come, that’d be the only way

What a day it’s been for him; filled with obligations /
Trying to cater to her heart and not the false infatuations /
She had a few concerns, internal thought creations /
From lapses in perspective and excessive expectations but, /
He never got overwhelmed /
He said “when you know her well, you just know her realm, /
She’ll never have to worry while I’m at the helm /
See this is real life love, this is not a film” /
He got her each and every staple just to sure up /
Her sentiments, intimate and sweet as maple syrup /
French kiss instead of French toast, flowers /
Great meal, bedroom sex to the showers /
He has the courage to love in a world full of cowards /
Trying to take it to the top, talking high rise towers, /
He’d save the day if only he had the powers /
‘cause it’s only down side is there’s not enough hours

No one’s perfect but there’s somebody right for ya /
Love is not a game but the wrong one might toy ya /
The special one’ll fight with you and fight for ya /
Like the right lawyer, and love hold the light for ya /
You don’t recognize ways like this? /
Or never been the person gettin’ praise like this? /
Not a phase, it’s best when it stays like this /
Every night we pray for days like this