The Natural Course

by DeFakto

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released April 30, 2015



Track Name: Potluck f/ Melodee Joye
I might sneak up and speak up, that's just so the lesser know /
I'm forever dean, all of the professors know /
Catching Fire, Everdean, Professor Snow /
I'm warm enough to keep my jacket open so the vest'll show /
Take exception to people who living under norms /
Disconnection with your higher self is how a blunder forms /
A fight with God is a lightening rod if youre not Jakuta then prepare yourself for thunderstorms /
You ain't met a man hotter /
Born the same month as Kool Herc and Bambatta /
That's no joke, so there's no smoke when the fire clear /
Just a live spirit with the soul of a pioneer /
Notation, this how a fresh emcee oughtta sound /
Flotation, I could probably make a sea of water drown /
Greed for the winnings, no need for extra innings /
Too busy for overtime, it's gonna be a 4-quarter pound /

Put a little soul in, mix in a bit of spirit too /
Worry not 'cause we got a new pot of your favorite stew /
No leftovers, a little spice and we let it brew /
We got it it's hot and we made it just for you

Back to getting cake, pockets full of dessert 'cause we deserve it /
Either your pockets full of dessert or they deserted /
You on time youre late, even still we let the truants in /
They need my influence per people I've been influencing /
When you face them, it's hakuna matata /
Turn your back, you'll probably catch a wound with katanas /
When you're living super, you don't have to be a trooper /
A shell of my former self, King Bowser reduced to koopa
I'm back though, DeFakto the moniker you know me by /
They claim the best but I contest until they show me why /
A be-well bearer, or detail terror /
Me and crew, the CNU 3-sail era /
So many claim that life is the greatest teacher /
That's how I know their awareness level is distant, /
The ultimate lesson comes in the wake of death, /
Life is just a devoted teaching assistant

Put a little soul in, mix in a bit of spirit too /
Worry not 'cause we got a new pot of your favorite stew /
No leftovers, a little spice and we let it brew /
We got it it's hot and we made it just for you

Thought a million rhymes, got a cloud of them /
I heard yall hatin' on Smooth, man I'm proud of him /
He went from Walmart to doing major vids /
When others go from dropping out to doing major bids /
It's debatable if music is still a major biz /
I just wish I got serious about it the same age as Wiz /
Khalifa, I'm saying, what yall made at me for /
It was written since your dad had his first reefer

Patiently embracing restoration /
And it's just beyond those sores /
I'm claimin' all my sunshine /
But my pain is just like yours /
Track Name: 4/30
Hot jam yo here we go again though /
Same intent as the Super Nintendo /
Elevate the game, microphone controller /
Moonlight as a lover but I'm powered by the solar
What we are isn’t what we have to be /
I just got appeal consider me an appellee /
Salute the forefathers ain't nobody after me /
To the bone I’ma eat, I'm talking bon appetit /
I dont need plaques, the walls are plain /
It's all the same, my bedroom is at the end of the hall of fame /
"Fa please tell me how you gwon" hurt Del /
The original inspiration for Stephon Urkel /
Cold enough that I could cool a fan /
Straight edge but I can rap like hooligan /
Fail me once, I'm not the type you can fool again /
I made hiphop cool again, who the man?

4/30, 4/30
That's the day that I began the Lord's journey /
I'm a King, small things ain't concerning /
And as long as I live, more learning /
4/30, 4/30
On fire walk through the war burning /
Been on my heels but my wheels still turning /
Got desires in my heart still churning /

I keep it moving dude, you can call me Juventud /
Guerrera, top rope finish move era /
If she ain't a 10 from within don't compare her /
Like she ain't got the skin with the blend then it's terror /
Frown on Tameka but it's all praise Sarah /
'cause it's brown on Tameka so there's always Sarah
Telling trends, telling friends about hella 10's /
Never ends but you got a closet full of skeletons /
Late night bored, out they right goard /
You in broad daylight, that ain't a daylight broad, /
Worship money fallin' victim to the streets if that's your only way to eat than me I'd rather take the nerd path /
All these young boys thinkin' they "could ball" need to freshen up until they fresh enough for rocking Bird Bath /
Shout to Banny, my homie for life now, man /
Got the social media to back their lifestyle brand

As far as rap there's a difference between you and me /
Either you legit or eulogy, zing! /
No criminale but it's a home invasion /
laptop, tablet cell phone invasion /
Style, compatible file coding for devices you are now holding /
We make the music you are downloading /
We are the minds that they found golden /
like the mines that they found gold in,
Track Name: The Little Things Pt. 2
Ain't it live when your birthday falls on a weekend, so you ain't gotta take off /
Your drinks are made perfectly, no hangover to shake off, /
A pleasant meal the service not even sort of rude /
Dont want it well-done, it's done well when you order food /
Snow days that make your weekend longer /
Increased your gym reps so you know youre getting stronger, /
When you upstage a naysayer /
And your favorite sports team gets a franchise player
When you feel the beat as soon as you hear the track, /
When you find your size on the clearance rack, /
Your phone surviving the drop that the case took /
To find a long lost friend on Facebook
When that nice looking passer by's into you /
A job calling 'cause they'd like you to interview, /
Having energy like there's 10 of you,
Bills paid extra bucks so you can spend a few
Paying off that loan that you took out, /
When there's extra deviled eggs at the cookout /
Detouring traffic jams so you're not a part of that /
When you're running late and the event hasn't started yet
Bread just enough burnt out the toaster /
Her favorite brunch spot having discount mimosas, /
When you're at pro sports game and see empty seats below so you can go down closer,
A candid picture and you were smiling /
Really good miles to the gallon /
At church and haven't heard a single baby crying /
Same thing on a plane when you're flying
Finding money in the dryer /
When you get along with the new hire /
Exercise got you feeling lean /
Guests stopping by and the house already clean
Scented plug-ins and fresh smelling candles /
When her feet look good in those sandles /
A shapely woman in a sundress /
To see your beauty in the mirror when you undress
Community service just for a minor cause /
You paid your car off so the title's yalls /
The rain in the forecast holds off /
Washed your bed sheets and your comforter is so soft
Intrigued by the first chapter of a book /
Restaurant leftovers, so you-ain't gotta cook, /
Funny videos gone viral /
A reply or retweet from your idol /
Free time to take a mid-day nap /
Knowing the difference in hiphop and rap /
Digital access to what you had on CD /
And brand new music by me, the little things