Broken Promises

by DeFakto & Nherie

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You keep talkin, I am walkin out
I'm through with all of this anticipating
Sick of waiting
All this time we've known each other
You haven't offered me no better

Say what you mean and mean what you say
Be a man of your word and we'd be ok
Make up your mind
This is not worth all of the time we spend if you're not sure
What am I s'posed to do with no follow through
Won't see nothing new if I leave it to you
Do unto others as you would have them do unto you
How would feel if I did what you did to me right back to you

Say this and that but you just don't get it
Say you love me but now I know you don't mean it
You make me believe that you do
Don't waste my time with all your broken promises
No initiative 'cause you're just not ready
Holding on to me but I know I'll regret it
Can't let it stay this way
Don't waste my time with all your broken promises

Trivial lies, trivialized,
Theyre giving you guys a living disguise for livid demise /
Vivid in eyes, words you prolly can visualize /
A greater sense is the pretense to limit surprise, but God forbid you were wise /
Work around a premise like a maintenance man and tenants it’s vain he mainly meant it he could prevent but ultimately /
He wanna woo ya either that or 'tryna' do ya clue you in-sight like “girl I’m just thankful that youre talking with me”; /
He said it ‘cause it sounded it good,
and if you get it he can pound it good /
If he’s the type you wanna keep around you should /
But I doubt you understand, astounded you stood /
Listening to excuses you’re the privilege he abuses and he knew this so to keep up with the Joneses and the Thomases /
He claimed you would receive his everything so you don’t leave only tomorrow’s guaranteed to never turn to broken promises /

Do you remember talkin bout our future
But that's all it remains to be (Ohhh-ohhhh)
Sayin that you're gonna do this but you don't do that
An understanding is what I thought that we had
Too late now the damage done
So now it's time for us to move on


released May 23, 2013
prod by Major



all rights reserved