How It Seems

by DeFakto

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“How It Seems” is a new release of mine about relationships. Particularly, it’s universally relatable content addressing situations where generally good people part ways due to impactful circumstances outside of their interpersonal dynamic. It’s the right person, wrong time story. There are references to both the male and female side of such scenarios with it ultimately ending rather melancholy as it often does in everyday life.

The vocals were solely performed by me, DeFakto, with the engineering done by R.O.B. He heads up the primary studio I currently use where we have established a great rapport. He was able to mix the vocals effectively as they were delivered in a tone to fit the mood of the song. The underlying production is courtesy of Kount Fif, who’s made contributions to several past works of mine. He provided a track with authentically hiphop, funky drums to offset a semi-somber sound that captures the positive of a healthy relationship and the disappointment of its termination.

The artwork for the song comes by way of Krysta Norman, a dear friend since high school (who coincidentally attended the same high school as the song’s producer). As a graphic designer and photographer, she had the keen eye and proper skills to capture an incredible image. She explained the explained the photo’s origin here:

Balancing Heart
Riverside Park, New York 2011

"There is no real story behind the image; I simply stumbled upon it while taking a walk in Riverside Park in New York City. I’ve always been drawn to New York, its energy is unmatchable and while it usually goes unnoticed there is serenity in anonymity there. I’ve always believed that inherently all people are good, and more so as I get older. Random acts of love and kindness are abundant but tend to get lost in the hustle of the day to day – especially in a place so electrified. Taking a few minutes a day to open your mind and heart you’ll stumble upon amateur graffiti on the subway telling you to “search for your soul” or unsolicited pick-me ups like “believe in yourself, you are beautiful.” Their artists are unknown but their message adds to the magic and the beauty of this community.

The balancing heart was no different. My walk with a dear friend and a latte was peaceful. We talked and sometimes walked in silence side by side taking advantage of the calmness. Along the way I noticed a series of balancing rocks in all shapes and proportions. They were very well spread out, allowing me to appreciate each one. My favorite ended up being this hand-sized, heart-shaped rock perfectly balanced all on its own. I stopped and treasured it; the message wasn’t overstated and didn’t require a lot of thought. I like to imagine that the artist was trying to say that it is important to find strength and balance at all times with the heart, even in the unpredictable New York City.

I truly hope I’ll be lucky enough to find this artist again and delight in their new act of kindness for those residents and guests of such a dynamic city."

I have including the lyrics for you to read for a heightened connection to the song. I hope that you relate, appreciate and/or enjoy this number. Thank you for listening and I encourage you to share.



HOW IT SEEMS by DeFakto: The Lyrics

Different goals, different dreams /
different roles, different scenes /
Same league, different teams /
That’s how it goes, that’s how it seems /
Right time, right place /
wrong person, wrong face /
right person, wrong time /
(fast forward / hit rewind), all mine

Sometimes he wanna somersault, /
Other times he sort of sulks /
He was grounded now the border's chalk /
She ran to him but she wasnt really for the walk /
Explore, trips and tours /
As far as relations they boarded a few ships before /
But you can fall off the plank if you slip the floor /
Love turns to hate, the late burned in war, for sure /
He's praying for you while other brothers are preying for you /
That’s what he's better for, he's not a predator /
Mid to late twenties, never had a plan /
Always had a boyfriend, never had a man /
Two kids who frolicked by the jungle gym with rocks in hand /
Would make the paper scissors when they played it in the box of sand /
There's something I'ma share to show how much I really care, /
Went and got it when he returned, she wasn’t there

Hardly sleeping thoughts are creeping, peep the sentiment /
Live lose learn and somebody reap the benefit /
Looked good together shared a picture perfect image with /
But life is not a game we blame the person that we scrimmage with /
Mid to late twenties, never saw it coming /
Always had a girlfriend, never had a woman
Have a little falling out because you care about each other /
a little calling out to squeeze the air up out each other, help /
He wants a wife, of course she claimed she wants a husband, noted /
Make love in the room, or room for love and be devoted /
Show her how you feel for real and you don’t need to quote it /
Or leave it be ambiguous to see if she decodes it /
Don’t appreciate their presence?, Ok cool /
Bet you'll appreciate their absence, stay cool


released March 23, 2014
prod by Kount Fif



all rights reserved