No Bother

by DeFakto

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I was taught to never be conceited but concede if i dont need it /
If youre born as a believer you'll live it and not believe it /
With women you practice patience and served 'um as if you waited, /
if you date her, I did but my data would be deleted /
I sat back and saw pattern of people how they proceeded /
A lover amongst the others I'd take a beating or beat it /
Supported 'til things distorted to sort of become mistreated, /
To play a game defeated and feel it but still complete it /
But things are kind of different since /
I realized I’m not rushing for the spouse, with a nice house and picket fence /
I want the atypical, unorthodox /
wanna see the world past the neighborhoods more than blocks away from here, /
Even if she wants the same she'll never stray from here /
Why be afraid when you can pray from fear? /
Been in many weddings I dont worry 'bout my own /
And for now if I gotta be alone I got my...

Sights set high, man, I’m such a goal setter /
The thought crossed my mind the very first time I met her /
I found her attractive, I figured I could get her /
But I left her alone so she could find somebody better /
I look to the sky, don’t worry 'bout the weather /
I cant control her, so I figure it's whatever /
I’m on a different path, I doubt we’d stay together /
So I left her alone so she could find somebody better

-My lil' sister wants a sister-in-law, I can't help her though /
the lines are blurred between a good woman and a selfish hoe /
they don't come as loyal as you /
it's kind of funny and a shame 'cause I would spoil her too, but anyway
Boy meets a different world, the way things came to fit me /
Hardly Cory and Topanga more Dwayne Wayne and Whitley /
She actin' like God's gift and she is but she'll present me /
As someone she's really with, though later she'll just resent me; /
I'm just thinkin' aloud though /
Follow your heart your dreams or go where the crowd go /
If she's the star in your sleep, it's beating for now so /
A breeding ground for hounds, who's eating the Alpo? /
Picture getting hitched for me it's no time soon /
But it's never gonna last if you dont fine tune /
And thats "you" as in the pair, sharing no such ring /
Long term, I wish you better, if there's no such thing /

Part of me really doubt it and part of me think it's true /
Part of me think it's me, and all of me think of you


released July 27, 2015
prod by Digital Beatz